Authors: Menzies, D.R. And R.W. Fisher
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 17 (1975)

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Description: Effects of droplet size, deposit, and number of droplets per unit area on the behavior and mortality of some horticultural pests have been studied (4, 7, 9). This type of work has been limited, however, owing to the difficulty of producing large populations of droplets of uniform size at a rate sufficient for laboratory studies. The spinning disc is the most widely used of the several devices developed to produce droplets, but more sophisticated methods using magnetostrictive, piezoelectric, and sonic principles also produce droplets of uniform size (13, 14, 15, 18, 20). Most of these devices apply liquid pesticides only, preferably oil-based, and do not satisfactorily atomize aqueous suspensions of wettable powders. Because the pesticides used to control pests in horticultural crops are primarily wettable powders, there was a need for a laboratory droplet generator that would handle this sort of formulation. This paper describes such a generator.

Keywords: droplet generator suitable for studying droplets of wettable powder suspensions
Citation: Menzies, D.R. and R.W. Fisher 1975. DROPLET GENERATOR SUITABLE FOR STUDYING DROPLETS OF WETTABLE POWDER SUSPENSIONS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 17(1):63-66.
Volume: 17
Issue: 1
Pages 63 - 66
Date: 1975
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Coverage: Canada
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