Authors: Menzies, D.R. And R.W. Fisher
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 17 (1975)

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Description: Prior to 1971, fungicide trials at Vineland for control of Botrytis rot on strawberries were carried out using a high pressure gun for atomization. Uniform application and control of drift were difficult to achieve. In 1971 a boom carrier was used in an attempt to improve uniformity of coverage but required several men to manage it. Several designs of plot sprayers have been developed, some simple, others complex (2) but none fully satisfied our specific requirements. We required a versatile sprayer with a variable application pressure up to 2.41 MPa and an application rate up to 2,245 liters/ha. It was to be easily operable by one man, capable of spraying adjacent plots in windy conditions with negligible drift, readily flushed and cleaned between pesticide treatments, and able to provide satisfactory coverage for pesticide evaluation trials. The sprayer had to be light in weight and cost under $500.00. This paper describes a sprayer designed to fulfill our needs.

Keywords: plot sprayer for pesticide evaluation trials
Citation: Menzies, D.R. and R.W. Fisher 1975. PLOT SPRAYER FOR PESTICIDE EVALUATION TRIALS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 17(1):44-46.
Volume: 17
Issue: 1
Pages 44 - 46
Date: 1975
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Coverage: Canada
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