Authors: P. Johnson, J. Paliwal and S. Cenkowski
Identifier: CSBE11316
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Winnipeg 2011

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Description: Distiller?s spent grain (DSG) is the major by-product of the distilleries. Recently, due to the high demand of bio-fuels there is a significant expansion of the ethanol distilleries globally. This major increase in the bio-fuel production has resulted in a substantial increase in the volume of distiller?s grain generated. Currently, livestock industries are the major market for the distiller?s grains, but the necessity of alternative markets for DSG is becoming very essential due to an increase in their production. However, recent research has shown that DSG has a potential to be used as a supplement and/or ingredient in human food products and in industrial sectors. Processing techniques, such as drying, play a substantial role in determining the quality of the DSG obtained, especially for human consumption.

Keywords: distiller's spent grain, applications, foods, drying, superheated steam, color
Citation: P. Johnson, J. Paliwal and S. Cenkowski. 2013. Current and potential applications of distiller's spent grain. CSBE/SCGAB 2011 Annual Conference, Inn at the Forks, Winnipeg, Mb. 10-13 July 2011
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Date: juil-11
Technical field: Bioprocess Systems Engineering
Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2011 Annual Conference, Inn at the Forks, Winnipeg, Mb. 10-13 July 2011
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