Authors: Menzies, D.R.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 18 (1976)

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Description: In Northern latitudes it is necessary to store large quantities of fodder to support livestock through the winter months. However, in Australia this has not been necessary and as a result, regional droughts periodically decimate the live stock industry, mainly because of feed shortages. Fodder is usually available in other regions of the country but is unobtainable because of purchase, trans port, and storage problems. During the 1964-1966 drought, a select committee was instituted by the New South Wales Legislature to study the effects of drought on the rural community and the agricultural industry in general. One recommendation was that a study be made of the compression of hay with a view to reducing transport and storage costs of emergency fodder supplies (Australian Meat Board 1969 Common wealth of Australia Bureau of Census and Statistics 1968 Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly 1966). Several studies have been made of the compression of hay, particularly for the production of wafers and pellets (Bellinger and McColly 1961a, b Bruhn 1955 Hill 1959 Hundtoft and Buelow 1971 Reece 1966 Shepperson and Grundey 1962 Yang 1968), but they did not consider the relationship of lateral wall force to applied force. Mewes (1958) studied the compression of parallel and interlaced straw samples, and the relation ship between applied pressure and lateral pressure for low pressures (<686 kPa). To study the compression of fodder to high bulk densities so as to provide a source of energency feed supplies, an instrumented laboratory compression chamber was needed. Lateral and frictional wall forces and piston displacements had to be measured so that friction coefficients, friction losses, bulk density, and energy requirements could be calculated for applied loads up to 11,200 kPa. This paper describes the design of such a chamber.

Keywords: an instrumented test chamber to compact fodder at high pressure
Citation: Menzies, D.R. 1976. AN INSTRUMENTED TEST CHAMBER TO COMPACT FODDER AT HIGH PRESSURE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 18(1):18-20.
Volume: 18
Issue: 1
Pages 18 - 20
Date: 1976
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Coverage: Canada
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