Authors: Larkin, B.S. And J.E. Turnbull
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 19 (1977)

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Description: This paper describes a continuation of work reported in a previous paper (Larkin et al. 1975) to which the reader is referred for a general description of the problem, the thermosiphon heat exchanger and the test arrangement. The preliminary work demonstrated that the thermosiphon heat exchanger can improve the winter heat balance in a chicken house by transferring heat from the warm exhaust air to the cold intake air. Maximum heat available was limited by the cooling of the saturated exhaust air down to near freezing, and a simple thermostat control solved the freezing problem. The filter systems used were not satisfactory, and measurements were not accurate enough to properly assess the effects of filter and heat exchanger fouling on rates on heat transfer. This paper reports further experience with improved instrumentation and more suitable air filters.

Keywords: effects of poultry dust on performance of a thermosiphon heat recovery system
Citation: Larkin, B.S. and J.E. Turnbull 1977. EFFECTS OF POULTRY DUST ON PERFORMANCE OF A THERMOSIPHON HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 19(1):37-39.
Volume: 19
Issue: 1
Pages 37 - 39
Date: 1977
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Coverage: Canada
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