Authors: Bulley, N.R. And J.T.R. Husdon
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 20 (1978)

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Description: Intensified livestock production has resulted in large volumes of animal manures being produced on small land areas. In many cases there is insufficient land available to use the nutrients in these manures optimally through a normal crop production program. This surplus has stimulated research to develop treatment methods that will enable producers to find alternate reuse or disposal systems. Many of these systems involve the aerobic treatment of manures for conversion into a form suitable for use as an animal feed or to reduce their oxygen demand before final disposal. Much of the work to date in aerobic animal waste treatment systems has been based on applying principles that were originally developed for the treatment of municipal sewage. Because of the differences in the characteristics of animal wastes and municipal sewage, such as solids concentration, biodegradability, settle-ability and bacterial population, it is quite possible that many of these principles are not directly applicable. One of the areas where the differences encountered could have a significant effect on systems design is in the concentration of dissolved oxygen required for satisfactory aerobic oxidation. Most systems that are designed for the aerobic treatment of municipal wastes recommend the dissolved oxygen concentration be maintained in the range of 0.5 - 2 mg//and this is supported by the work of Thabaraj and Gaudy (1971). Oxygen concentrations greater than this have been reported to give no significant improvement in biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removal efficiency for animal wastes (Loehr 1971).

Keywords: effect of dissolved oxygen concentration on the aerobic stabilization of swine waste
Citation: Bulley, N.R. and J.T.R. Husdon 1978. EFFECT OF DISSOLVED OXYGEN CONCENTRATION ON THE AEROBIC STABILIZATION OF SWINE WASTE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 20(1):60-63.
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Pages 60 - 63
Date: 1978
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Coverage: Canada
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