Authors: Muir., W.E., Kumar, A., Fraser, B.M. And M.G. Britton
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 20 (1978)

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Description: The amount of grain a farmer must store on the farm varies from year to year with variations in seeded area, crop yield and market demand. A farmer normally has permanent storage space to meet his average or slightly above average requirement. Most farmers temporarily store surplus grain (i.e. the amount of grain above their available storage space) in emergency structures or in open piles. Because most of these emergency storages do not adequately preserve the grain (Muir et al. 1973), a better designed emergency structure is needed. A project was initiated to design, fabricate and test inexpensive storage structures that would store grain for 6 - 12 mo with a limited amount of grain deterioration. In addition, under emergency conditions it should be possible for one or two men to erect the structure on an unprepared site in a few hours.

Keywords: development of emergency structures for grain storage
Citation: Muir., W.E., Kumar, A., Fraser, B.M. and M.G. Britton 1978. DEVELOPMENT OF EMERGENCY STRUCTURES FOR GRAIN STORAGE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 20(1):30-33.
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Pages 30 - 33
Date: 1978
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Coverage: Canada
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