Authors: Scott, J.D., Haile, J.D. And M. Bozozuk
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 21 (1979)

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Description: On 30 Sept. 1975 a new concrete tower silo 32.3 m high, 9.14 m in diameter, overturned when it was being filled for the first time, because of a bearing capacity failure in the underlying soil (Bozozuk 1977 1979). Other similar foundation failures of tower silos have occurred (Bozozuk 1972 Eden and Bozozuk 1962) and numerous cases of tilting of large tower silos because of excessive soil settlements can be seen. The concern created among farmers and silo contractors about poor foundation performance resulted in the initiation of research programs at the Division of Building Research of the National Research Council of Canada and at several universities, to study the foundation design and performance of large tower silos. This paper reports on the results of one such investigation. The foundation performance studied is for a steel tower silo founded on a rigid circular concrete raft erected in 1976 adjacent to the failed concrete silo. The engineering properties of the soil at the site were used to specify the dimensions for the foundation for the new silo. The performance of the foundation was then monitored during loading in order to confirm the application of engineering foundation theory and practice to this type of structure.

Keywords: foundation performance of a steel tower silo
Citation: Scott, J.D., Haile, J.D. and M. Bozozuk 1979. FOUNDATION PERFORMANCE OF A STEEL TOWER SILO. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 21(2):85-90.
Volume: 21
Issue: 2
Pages 85 - 90
Date: 1979
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Publication type: Journal
Coverage: Canada
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