Authors: Hirra Zafar, Kurtis Miller, Ranjeet Brar, Deborah Roberts
Identifier: CSBE19143
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Vancouver 2019

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Description: The proper disposal of food waste is a problem due to the extensive cost of transportation to dumping sites, unhygienic environment caused by open dumping, and the deterioration of ground water quality due to food waste leachate. The total food waste generation in Canada is almost 396-kilogram food wasted per capita per year that could contribute to carbon-dioxide emissions and global warming. Previously a number of studies have been done for treatment of different kinds of food waste using microbial fuel cells mostly in aqueous form. Treatment of solid waste is an issue as it contains macromolecules and recalcitrant compounds that need pre-treatment for hydrolysis of larger molecules. In this study a microbial fuel cell technology is used to treat solid waste having high chemical oxygen demand with simultaneous generation of electricity using anaerobic sludge. This conversion is done by a consortium of microorganism that carries out oxidation of waste in an anode chamber that runs in anaerobic mode and reduction of atmospheric oxygen on an air cathode chamber. In the present work carbon air cathodes coated with platinum as a catalyst and PTFE as a diffusion layer and multiple carbon anode brushes are used to support maximum transfer of electrons. Granny Smith apples are used as a substrate and anaerobic sludge was used as inoculum was used for start-up. After a batch cycle of 90 days almost 91% soluble COD, 57% VSS, 75% total carbohydrates and 31% pectin was removed with a maximum voltage of 0.3V.

Keywords: Microbial fuell cells, solid waste, COD, VSS, apple waste.
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Date: 2019-07-15
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Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2019 Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, 14-17 July 2019.
Session name: Bioenergy and bioproducts 1

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