Authors: Raghavan, G.S.V., Mckyes, E., Taylor, F., Richard, P., Douglas, E., Negi, S. And A. Watson
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 21 (1979)

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Description: In recent years, the effects on soil of off-road machinery traffic have been documented extensively (Soane 1970 Chancellor 1971 Davieset al. 1973 Amir et al. 1976 Raghavan et al. 1975, 1976). The changes in soil conditions caused by traffic can have considerable effects on the performance of crops grown (Phillips and Kirkham 1962 Feldman and Domier 1970 Eavis 1970 Taylor 1971 Saini and Lantagne 1974 Morris 1975 Voorhees et al. 1975). In these studies, marked reductions in yields of potatoes, wheat and corn were attributed to soil compaction. A study quantifying the effect of contact pressure and the number of wheel passes on plant production was carried out by Raghavan and McKyes (1977). It was shown in this experiment that yield reductions of up to 50% could occur in heavily compacted plots. Yield values were highest in zero-traffic plots and averaged 16000 kg/ha. It is recognized that yield reductions can be affected also by changes in weather conditions from one year to another. To find these changes, the experiment of 1976 was repeated in 1977. The experiment consisted of various plots of silage corn subjected to different traffic treatments.

Keywords: corn yield affected by wheel compaction in a dry year
Citation: Raghavan, G.S.V., McKyes, E., Taylor, F., Richard, P., Douglas, E., Negi, S. and A. Watson 1979. CORN YIELD AFFECTED BY WHEEL COMPACTION IN A DRY YEAR. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 21(1):27-30.
Volume: 21
Issue: 1
Pages 27 - 30
Date: 1979
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Coverage: Canada
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