Authors: Walsh, B.L., Chow, J.C., Watson, E.L. And P.M. Townsley
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 22 (1980)

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Description: Available methods for estimating the heat production on a dynamic basis in laboratory fermentations tend to be too expensive or too elaborate (Skinner 1969 Wadso 1974). Very few reports are available using simple techniques (Cooneyetal. 1968). A heat balance equation is used to describe microbial heat production in a laboratory fermenter. Such a description, utilizing small-scale, inexpensive laboratory equipment, is necessary to facilitate investigations of microorganisms responsible for the heat generated during composting (Poincelot 1972) and the thermophilic processing of liquid wastes (Popel and Ohnmacht 1972 Coulthard and Hendren 1973) as per formed in large pilot plant fermenters. Aerobic bacteria growing in the nutrient broth contained within the fermenter require both a constant air supply and agitation. The temperature of the fermenting broth varies with time according to the activity of the bacteria. By recording and analyzing this temperature-time curve, the dynamic heat production by these bacteria can be estimated and plotted as heat production rate versus time and as cumulative heat production versus time.

Keywords: computerized estimation of bacterial heat production in a laboratory fermenter
Citation: Walsh, B.L., Chow, J.C., Watson, E.L. and P.M. Townsley 1980. COMPUTERIZED ESTIMATION OF BACTERIAL HEAT PRODUCTION IN A LABORATORY FERMENTER. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 22(1):93-96.
Volume: 22
Issue: 1
Pages 93 - 96
Date: 1980
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Publication type: Journal
Coverage: Canada
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