Authors: Amith Preman Nariyanpalli, Ashutosh Singh, Syeda Tasnim
Identifier: CSBE21907
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » 5th CIGR and AGM Quebec City 2021 » Regular Sessions

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Description: Agricultural production strongly depends on climate and weather. When the air temperature falls below 0?C, freezing may occur to sensitive crops, significantly affecting the crop production. For example, Ontario farmers reported that 88% of their apples were damaged in April 2012 due to frost. The main reason of this damage was the early blooming of the apple trees due to nice and warm weather in February and March, which caused the early freezing temperature to kill the apples by the frost. Some of these frost related losses can be prevented using a number of different methods. It is important for Ontario growers to be aware of these methods so that they can evaluate which methods are feasible and economical for combating frost damage. Therefore, the objective of the current study is to conduct a thorough review on different types of frost as well as frost protection methods. Active and passive methods will be looked at specifically, including their advantages, disadvantages, followed by a detailed review on mobile heating units. Another area of focus is the frost buster and frost guard systems, their advantages, and disadvantages in prevention of frost, as well as the feasibility of their use in Ontario orchards. Finally, this study will focus on improving the current frost protection methods. The study reveals that if the cropland associated with the frost damage is comparatively small and if the area is prone to low temperature the best frost protection method to be used should be frost guard. The study recommends that each frost protection method should be considered according to the farm specifications, weather conditions, and a thorough economic study considering labour and material costs. The use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or the drone in addition to the use of frost buster or the frost guard would work better to prevent frost protection. Finally, a comparison between frost buster and other active frost protection methods are listed for Ontario growers to evaluate different methods in terms of feasibility and economic consideration.

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Date: 2021-06-11
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Conference name: 5th CIGR International Conference and CSBE-SCGAB AGM 2021, Quebec City,QC, 11-14 May 2021.
Session name: Agriculture and Society 3

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