Authors: Alberto Barbaresi, Marco Bovo, Enrica Santolini, Stefano Benni, Daniele Torreggiani, Patrizia Tassinari
Identifier: CSBE21454
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » 5th CIGR and AGM Quebec City 2021 » Regular Sessions

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Description: Nowadays technologies for energy saving of building thermal needs offer a wide number of solutions, also taking advantages of computer simulation for optimizing the building envelope. However, most of the solutions were developed and proved to be effective for residential buildings, but the literature lacks studies on their effectiveness if applied in other sectors, such as food-processing, where optimal indoor conditions are remarkably different from residential. To guarantee an optimal usage of energy resources, the envelopes of agri-food buildings must be carefully designed. In the present work, the influence of five architectural features (walls, roofs, glazing, orientation and sun shading) on the energy performances is analyzed and evaluated. Combining different typologies of architectural features, more than 500 models were created and analyzed for six different temperature ranges corresponding to different food processing and storage intended uses. Energy simulations are run in both conditioned and unconditioned scenarios. The main outcomes of the dynamic energy simulations were elaborated and provided in terms of performance indicators based on energy need (for conditioned scenario) and thermal discomfort (for unconditioned scenario). The outcomes revealed that energy building performances are strictly connected to the considered temperature range and the architectural features of the building envelope, in specific conditions, can show dual (positive or negative) effects if applied in conditioned or unconditioned scenario. Finally, for the two scenarios, by means of statistical analyses of the data, the most influential architectural typologies of architectural have been properly identified and quantified.

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Date: 2021-06-11
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Conference name: 5th CIGR International Conference and CSBE-SCGAB AGM 2021, Quebec City,QC, 11-14 May 2021.
Session name: Energy 2 - Renewable Systems & Energy Efficiency

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