Authors: Jinkwan Son, Taekyoung Kang, RYUGAP LIM, MINJAE Kong, Minjung Park
Identifier: CSBE21913
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » 5th CIGR and AGM Quebec City 2021 » Regular Sessions

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Description: In this study, the degree of influence of facility horticultural activities on groundwater charging was analyzed. Furthermore, we looked for ways to improve it. Glass greenhouse, on 1ha of Gimje area, was penetrated by 15.8 mm of precipitation, which is 1.15% of the 997.6 mm over a year. Similarly, the Gumi Glass Greenhouse was 3.7 mm underground water cultivation compared to 1070.3 mm of rainfall, the Buyeo Vinyl Greenhouse was 24.8 mm, and the Jinju Vinyl Greenhouse was 30.9 mm penetrated. Improved packaging materials were applied with trench-type gravel packaging and general wetlands, widely distributed as LID facilities. At 1071.82 mm of rainfall, wetlands can be calculated by 346.37 mm of penetration and gravel packaging by 516.61 mm of penetration. Wetlands and gravel packing have a very high amount of groundwater incubation. In the future, this space needs to be sufficiently increased when developing facility horticulture. Through these studies, we aim to preserve and improve the value of various ecosystem services in the agricultural ecosystem. This study was supported by the 2021 RDA Fellowship Program (Project number PJ014190) of the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea.

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Date: 2021-06-11
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Conference name: 5th CIGR International Conference and CSBE-SCGAB AGM 2021, Quebec City,QC, 11-14 May 2021.
Session name: Soil and Water 3 - Water Management & Pollution Control

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