Authors: Jofriet, J.C. And J. Czajkowski
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 22 (1980)

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Description: The application of the finite element method (fern) of analysis to research of tower silo-silage interaction provides a rational tool for the determination of the state of stress at all points in a body of silage, provided some elementary proper ties of the material are known. Mahmoud (1975) was the first to employ the method for whole-plant corn silage with time dependent material properties obtained from a limited number of triaxial creep tests. Friction along the material-wall interface was modelled as a force boundary condition. Jofriet et al. (1977) applied the finite element method to the analysis of granular material in a cylindrical structure. In that application, friction along the boundary of the body of material was incorporated in the overall finite element model. Solutions were comparable to those using the Janssen (1895) theory except near the bottom of the cylindrical body.

Keywords: a parametric study of whole-plant corn silage pressures and loads in tower silos
Citation: Jofriet, J.C. and J. Czajkowski 1980. A PARAMETRIC STUDY OF WHOLE-PLANT CORN SILAGE PRESSURES AND LOADS IN TOWER SILOS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 22(1):1-8.
Volume: 22
Issue: 1
Pages 1 - 8
Date: 1980
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Publication type: Journal
Coverage: Canada
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