Authors: Sokhansanj, Shabab And K. A. Jordan
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 23 (1981)

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Description: Preheating ventilation air in animal shelters using solar heat instead of conventional heat sources is the subject of much research and development in North America. The use of a heat storage system such as rock or concrete has been stressed. The storage function is to damp daily temperature fluctuations caused by solar heat. Thermal flywheel effect postpones the delivery of collected heat to nights when solar heat is not available. The importance of heat storage function was emphasized by Spillman (1978) who adapted a Trombe-wall-type solar collector, made of concrete blocks for a farrowing unit. According to Robbins and Spill man (1980) the unit has been efficient and cost-effective enough to compete with conventional heating equipment. Winfield and Munroe (1980) reported favorable results with Trombe-wall-type solar collectors erected on two swine buildings in Ontario.

Keywords: performance of a solar collector and storage system in a turkey barn
Citation: Sokhansanj, Shabab and K. A. Jordan 1981. PERFORMANCE OF A SOLAR COLLECTOR AND STORAGE SYSTEM IN A TURKEY BARN. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 23(1):63-66.
Volume: 23
Issue: 1
Pages 63 - 66
Date: 1981
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Publication type: Journal
Coverage: Canada
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