Authors: White, N. D. G., Sinha, R. N. And W. E. Muir
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 24 (1982)

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Description: Oilseeds deteriorate in storage when temperature and moisture levels permit microflora and mites to multiply (Sinha 1976 Sinha and Wallace 1977). Micro flora are ubiquitous in stored seed and are often the main cause of seed spoilage in crops stored with high moisture content. In a survey of 440 primary elevators in the three prairie provinces of Canada, Mills (1976) found that more than 7% of the rapeseed purchased by the elevators in 1974and 1975deteriorated during storage on the farm or in the primary elevator. Daun and Mills (1979) have calculated that spoilage of rapeseed in storage at the farm level led to losses of 5 million dollars in 1974-1975 and 3.7 million dollars in 1975^-1976. It is probable that even greater losses occurred because of unreported spoilage and heating of rapeseed on farms. At present, the commonly used method to determine active spoilage in bulk cereals and oilseeds is to measure temperature at various points in the bulk seed. How ever, hot spots resulting from the respiration of invading organisms are usually localized in bulk seed because of its low thermal diffusivity (Sinha and Wallace 1965). A more precise method of deter mining incipient deterioration in storage is needed. Muir et al. (1980) have demonstrated that C02 measurement in bulk grain in typical farm granaries gives a good indication of grain deterioration at a considerable distance from the site of spoilage.

Keywords: intergranular carbon dioxide as an indicator of deterioration in stored rapeseed
Citation: White, N. D. G., Sinha, R. N. and W. E. Muir 1982. INTERGRANULAR CARBON DIOXIDE AS AN INDICATOR OF DETERIORATION IN STORED RAPESEED. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 24(1):43-50.
Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Pages 43 - 50
Date: 1982
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Publication type: Journal
Coverage: Canada
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