Authors: Raghavan, G. S. V., Taylor, F., Vigier, B., Gauthier, L. And E. Mckyes
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 24 (1982)

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Description: Green peas (Pisum sativum) are one of the major vegetable crops in the Province of Quebec. They are, however, very susceptible to root rot and other diseases. Root rot, principally caused by FUSArium solani (Mart.) Appel + Vfr.f.sp.pisi (F. R. Jones), can reduce yields by up to 57% (Basu et al. 1976). Root rot has been found to be more prevalent and to have more effect on plants in compacted soils the organisms can survive in the soil for many years. Soil compaction has been shown to significantly hamper the performance of various crops (Weaver and Crist 1922 Taubenhaus et al. 1931 Adams et al. 1960 Phillips and Kirkham 1962 Saini and Lantagne, 1974 Morris 1975 Raghavan and McKyes 1977 Raghavan et al. 1978), and it has become a serious problem with in creased use of large machinery and more intensive cultivation. The effects of traffic on soil physical properties, particularly on changes in the soil-air-water matrix, have been studied by various researchers (Soehne 1958 Barnes et al. 1971 Chancellor 1976 Soane 1970, 1973 Davies et al. 1973 Amir et al. 1976 Raghavan et al. 1975, 1976 Soane et al. 1977 McKyes et al. 1977).

Keywords: effect of compaction and root rot disease on development and yield of peas
Citation: Raghavan, G. S. V., Taylor, F., Vigier, B., Gauthier, L. and E. McKyes 1982. EFFECT OF COMPACTION AND ROOT ROT DISEASE ON DEVELOPMENT AND YIELD OF PEAS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 24(1):31-34.
Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Pages 31 - 34
Date: 1982
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Publication type: Journal
Coverage: Canada
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