Authors: Mackinnon, J. C. And J. H. Seiler
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 24 (1982)

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Description: Measurement and recording of milk yield is a fundamental aspect of modern dairy cattle management. Official milk re cord schemes, such as the Canadian Record of Performance (ROP) program, are well established in many countries and they set the standards for measurement and analysis of cow performance (Agriculture Canada 1978). These records are based upon observations of the yield of individual cows on two successive milkings each month and the corresponding predictions of yield for a 305-day lactation. This information is clearly adequate for many aspects of management, especially relating to breeding and feeding. Would the availability of milk yield records on a more frequent basis, e.g. daily, lead to significant improvements in herd performance and management efficiency? Until recently this question has not received serious consideration because of a lack of equipment suited to economical measurement and processing of milk yield data under practical farming conditions. Advances in microelectronic technology and microcomputers together with rapid increases in feed and energy costs have created a radically new situation. Electronic milk yield data systems which can handle daily observations are now technically feasible and they promise to be economically justified on the basis of relatively modest improvements in production performance and management efficiency.

Keywords: an electronic milk yield monitor for use with a farm computer
Citation: MacKinnon, J. C. and J. H. Seiler 1982. AN ELECTRONIC MILK YIELD MONITOR FOR USE WITH A FARM COMPUTER. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 24(2):129-134.
Volume: 24
Issue: 2
Pages 129 - 134
Date: 1982
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Coverage: Canada
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