Authors: Nushrat Yeasmen, Valérie Orsat
Identifier: CSBE22103
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Published in: CSBE-SCGAB Technical Conferences » AGM Charlottetown 2022

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Description: Bioactive composition of leaves varies with harvesting time due to the differences in environmental and weather conditions where temperature is likely to play an important role. In this study, contents of antioxidant components and antioxidant attributes (assayed by both radical scavenging and non-radical redox potential methods) of A. saccharum (sugar maple) leaves harvested from May to October were investigated. In addition, leaves collected at different harvesting time were characterized by colorimeter and FTIR spectroscopy. Results showed that the antioxidant components of sugar maple leaves significantly varied with harvesting time where maximum amount was found to be concentrated in October leaves. Moreover, their antioxidant activities were strongly correlated with phenolic contents. The absorption band obtained from FTIR spectra revealed the presence of functional groups that have great significance towards the antioxidant activity of sugar maple leaves. The obtained data provided a better understanding of the effect of harvesting time on the phenolic content of sugar maple leaves, which can lead to further investigations regarding the valorization of A. saccharum leaves as nutraceutical ingredients for use in food products with added value.

Keywords: Seasonal variation, FRAP, DPPH, ABTS, CUPRAC, FTIR, Color
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Date: 2022-07-24
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Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2022 Annual Conference, Charlottetow, PEI, 24-27 July 2022.
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