Authors: Ramaswamy, H. S., Lo, K. V. And L. M. Staley
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 24 (1982)

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Description: Shrimp (Peneus indicus) has long been considered a delicate, highly priced seafood commodity. Freeze-drying has been the obvious choice as a successful preservation method. Shrimp was one of the first foods to be freeze-dried (Kermit 1954) and the process has been commercialized both in the U.S. and Europe (Miner 1965 Nixon 1966). Freeze-dehydration characteristics and various quality aspects of the rehydrated shrimp have been the subjects of a number of investigations (Goldblith et al. 1963 Lusk et al. 1964, 1965 Moorjani and Dani 1968 Moorhouse and Salwin 1970). Sharma and Seltzer (1979) investigated the effects of different phosphates on the quality of the freeze-dried shrimp and found coating the shrimp with Kena powder to impart the most desirable mechanical, sensory and rehydration characteristics. Soo and Sander (1977) applied texture profile analysis to fabricated cooked shrimp patties and developed an objective method for the measurement of texture parameters. Freeze-drying is an expensive preservation method involving high capital in vestment and is currently employed for highly priced food materials which are sensitive to heat. Although the method has been in use for shrimp dehydration, it adds significant cost to the already expensive raw material. Where the quality attributes are not critical and some compromise is possible, alternate processing methods have been employed. In the Orient, sun-drying is the most popular method of preservation for the relatively smaller-size shrimp and the dehydrated material has found shelf-space in many Chinatown supermarkets in Canada and the U.S.

Keywords: air drying of shrimp
Citation: Ramaswamy, H. S., Lo, K. V. and L. M. Staley 1982. AIR DRYING OF SHRIMP. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 24(2):123-128.
Volume: 24
Issue: 2
Pages 123 - 128
Date: 1982
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Coverage: Canada
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