Authors: Feddes, J. J. R., Leonard, J. J. And J. B. Mcquitty
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 25 (1983)

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Description: The performance and well-being of any animal is a function of the environment in which it grows. This environment is complex and consists of a number of interacting and separate factors (e.g. temperature, humidity, noise level, lighting, air quality). One of the objects of livestock housing is to optimise this environment, and considerable work has been undertaken to measure the effects of, and to dilineate optimum ranges for, various environmental parameters. Thus Close (1971), Mount (1979), Bruce and Clark (1979), and others have investigated the relationships between the thermal environment, feed intake, and performance of pigs, while Smith (1972), Cermak and Ross (1978), and Honey and McQuitty (1979) have measured an commented on the effects of dust concentrations and air quality in live stock housing.

Keywords: the influence of selected management practices on heat, moisture, and air quality in swine housing
Citation: Feddes, J. J. R., Leonard, J. J. and J. B. McQuitty 1983. THE INFLUENCE OF SELECTED MANAGEMENT PRACTICES ON HEAT, MOISTURE, AND AIR QUALITY IN SWINE HOUSING. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 25(2):175-180.
Volume: 25
Issue: 2
Pages 175 - 180
Date: 1983
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Coverage: Canada
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