Authors: Ramaswamy, H. S. And K. V. Lo
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 25 (1983)

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Description: Heat transfer equations and charts have been widely employed as analogies to predict the moisture distribution in solid materials in diffusion controlled air dehydration (Sherwood 1929, 1931 Newman 1931 a,b Kilpatrick et al. 1955 Jason 1958 Fish 1958 Gorling 1958 Charm 1978 Heldman and Singh 1981). The analogy between the terms in heat transfer and mass (moisture) transfer has been well described by Charm (1978). Moisture removal from solid materials is characterized by an initial constant rate period and a later falling rate period. During the constant rate period there is a steady flow of moisture from the interior to the surface where it is evaporated. The overall drying rate is dependent on the rate at which moisture is removed at the sur face. As drying proceeds, the rate of migration of moisture from the interior to the surface diminishes and finally becomes the controlling factor (fallingrate period). The moisture migration during the diffusion-controlled falling rate period follows the pattern of temperature change under unsteady state heat transfer. Hence, the analogies apply essentially to the falling rate period of dehydration. In situations of short constant rate periods, the equations are applied to the entire period (Charm 1978). However, corrections are necessary for the non-uniform moisture distribution at the beginning of falling rate period, when the constant rate period is significantly long (Sherwood 1929, 1931 Newman 1931a,b, 1936).

Keywords: simplified mass transfer relationships for diffusion controlled air dehydration of regular solids
Citation: Ramaswamy, H. S. and K. V. Lo 1983. SIMPLIFIED MASS TRANSFER RELATIONSHIPS FOR DIFFUSION CONTROLLED AIR DEHYDRATION OF REGULAR SOLIDS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 25(1):143-148.
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Pages 143 - 148
Date: 1983
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Coverage: Canada
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