Authors: Sturton, S. L., Bilanski, W. K. And D. R. Menzies
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 25 (1983)

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Description: The use of such desiccants as bentonite for drying cereal grains has much potential (Sturton et al. 1981) however, to date very little literature is available in this area. Desiccant drying is well suited where a predictable rate of drying is de sired without thermal stresses and without concern for such problems as the temperature and relative humidity of the heated air, the volume of heated air passing through the grain and the duration of drying. Rodda and Rode (1977) found that desiccant-assisted drying systems for soy beans avoided the thermal-stress seed-coat cracks associated with loss of germination. Furthermore, the drying rate was al most the same as that attained by high-temperature drying. Danziger et al. (1972) studied the drying of field com with silica gel. Al though silica gel gave good results in drying the com, it is not being used today. If a less expensive dessicant, capable of efficiently drying com and cereal grains could be found, a desiccant system of drying com and cereal grains could be both practical and economical. Bentonite is a relatively inexpensive, easily obtainable clay found in many parts of the world. The predominant mineral in bentonite is montmorillonite, a hydrated aluminum silicate with sodium and calcium as the common exchangeable cat ions. Adsorption, occurring when one mineral adheres to another owing to mutual attraction, is an important property of this clay. Because of this ability to adsorb large quantities of water (or other polar materials) between the weakly bonded silicate sheets, sodium bentonite can swell from 15 to 20 times the original dry volume (Anonymous 1964).

Keywords: moisture exchange between corn and the desiccant bentonite in an intimate mixture
Citation: Sturton, S. L., Bilanski, W. K. and D. R. Menzies 1983. MOISTURE EXCHANGE BETWEEN CORN AND THE DESICCANT BENTONITE IN AN INTIMATE MIXTURE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 25(1):139-142.
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Pages 139 - 142
Date: 1983
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Coverage: Canada
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