Authors: Mckemie, Bruce A.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 2 (1960)

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Description: Materials handling on the farm at first observation appears to be a rather simple problem. The general features of a material, such as flow characteristics, storage form, special storage and handling requirements, etc., are known within rather broad1 limits. The origin and destination of a particular move is known, from which the distance can be estimated. The quantity of material to be hand led can be estimated, along with the storage limits at the origin and destination. The time in which the material is to be moved can be determined and the rate of movement calculated. Knowledge concerning the problem is not limited to characteristics of the material and the circumstances. There is a vast array of materials handling equipment available with which to perform the handling task. This equipment includes numerous types of pumps, conveyors, elevators, hoists, wheeled vehicles, power scoops and fork lifts. Many of these units are de signed to handle several materials of quite different characteristics, such as front-end loaders for manure and grain or self-unloading feed wagons for grain and/or silage. Although horsepower requirements, capacities, and performances are not explicitly known for all of these units, applications can generally be made on a predictable basis, particularly with the more common units.

Keywords: some fundamental concepts of materials handling on the farm
Citation: McKemie, Bruce A. 1960. SOME FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF MATERIALS HANDLING ON THE FARM. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 2(1):2-4.
Volume: 2
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Date: 1960
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