Authors: Christison, G.I. And Chantal Farmer
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 25 (1983)

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Description: The physical characteristics of commercially available perforated floors vary greatly but the specific needs of young pigs with regard to flooring materials are unknown. Reports concerning the effects of flooring on the performance of newborn pigs (Faber and Coalson 1979 Bertelsen 1981) and weanling pigs (McNutt et al. 1979 Wilson et al. 1979 Kornegay et al. 1981) did not relate performance differences to specific floor characteristics. Based on practical experience, a number of factors to be considered when assessing floor quality have been indicated (Mitch ell and Smith 1977 Robertson and Anderson 1979), but the relative importance of those factors and the ways in which physical characteristics influence most of them have not been documented. It is therefore difficult to make qualitative or quantitative recommendations to the manufacturers or purchasers of floors concerning desirable floor types. In the present study a number of physical characteristics of a variety of perforated floors available for use by young pigs were examined. These measurements were carried on in conjunction with health and performance studies (unpublished) and with studies concerning the floors selected by young pigs when offered a choice (Farmer and Christison 1982).

Keywords: physical characteristics of perforated floors for young pigs
Citation: Christison, G.I. and Chantal Farmer 1983. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF PERFORATED FLOORS FOR YOUNG PIGS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 25(1):75-80.
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Pages 75 - 80
Date: 1983
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Coverage: Canada
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