Authors: Kok, R.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 25 (1983)

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Description: Subsurface drain systems are installed on about 50 000 ha of land per year in Quebec. The cost in Canadian dollars is approximately $850 /ha so that annual total expenditure for drainage in Quebec is about $42 million /yr. During the past 6 yr, attempts have been made to apply computer technology to the surveying, mapping and drain system design phases to reduce the amount of manual toil, the duration of the mapping and design phases and the costs of map and drain plan preparation. This study was conducted to test the performance of the surveying and computerized map-processing system de scribed in the references and to collect de tailed cost data. Two projects were con ducted, named MAC and NB. In the MAC project a large institutional farm was completely surveyed and spot elevation and contour maps of each field were drawn. In the NB project survey data were collected for already existing but previously unmapped drainage systems by teams under the control of an external agency. These data were then entered into the computer and processed into maps. The surveying/mapping system has been described previously by Kok et al. (1978), Kok and Begin (1981), Kok et al. (1981) and Murphy et al. (1979). In this study, an examination was made of a number of system attributes and the extent to which the various system design objectives had been attained. Of necessity, some subjective evaluation was involved although overall system performance could be judged objectively in terms of operating cost. The objectives for the sys tem have been throughout that it be efficient, cost effective, flexible, dependable, easy to learn and use, simple in operation and fast. Moreover, it was structured to allow for user interaction and input so as to take full advantage of the combination of inorganic machine hardware dependability and speed with the software sophistication of biological machines such as humans.

Keywords: cost performance of the computer-based surveying/mapping system
Citation: Kok, R. 1983. COST PERFORMANCE OF THE COMPUTER-BASED SURVEYING/MAPPING SYSTEM. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 25(1):23-28.
Volume: 25
Issue: 1
Pages 23 - 28
Date: 1983
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Coverage: Canada
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