Authors: Jiang, S., Bilanski, W. K. And J. H. A. Lee
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 26 (1984)

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Description: Aerodynamic forces play an important Part In grain separation and cleaning. The cleaning efficiency is very sensitive to air velocity since the drag force caused by the air stream is proportional to the second power of the air velocity. Numerous authors have studied the effect of air velocity on the efficiency of grain separation and cleaning (Uhl and Lamp 1961 MacAulay and Lee 1969 Rumble and Lee 1970 Misener and Lee 1973 Freye 1980). On the other hand, the direction of the air stream introduced to the material has been realized as another important factor affecting cleaning efficiency (Misener and Lee 1973). Consequently, the manner in which the combination of these two factors affects separation and cleaning efficiency is of interest in our study of incorporating a pre-cleaner into the combine cleaning sys tem. This pre-cleaner would replace the traditional oscillating grain pan. The threshed material mixture would be transported pneumatically to the cleaning sieves by an air stream via the multiple-air-jet sieve of the pre-cleaner, thus greatly reducing the content of MOG (materials other than grain) in the material entering the cleaning sieves.

Keywords: analysis of the separation of straw and chaff from wheat by an air blast
Citation: Jiang, S., Bilanski, W. K. and J. H. A. Lee 1984. ANALYSIS OF THE SEPARATION OF STRAW AND CHAFF FROM WHEAT BY AN AIR BLAST. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 26(2):181-188.
Volume: 26
Issue: 2
Pages 181 - 188
Date: 1984
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Coverage: Canada
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