Authors: Mackinnon, J. C., Vissers, J. A. And R. D. Peters
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 26 (1984)

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Description: A high level of efficiency in technical and financial management is essential for success in modern dairy farming. Recent advances in microelectronic technology and computers have provided the basis for design of automated data systems with economic and technical features suited to these particular needs of dairy farm management. Several authors have examined the role of this new technology (Grant 1980 Turner 1980 Brooke 1980 Stephens and Esselmont 1978 Puckett et al. 1980) and others have reported on system design and development (Hollis and Hindmarch 1980 Mundy 1980 Burgess and Street 1976 Sobel and Scott 1980). Dairy cows must be fed individually if they are to attain maximum levels of performance (Broster and Strickland 1977). This has been widely appreciated for many years but as modern herds increased in size it became impractical to provide cows with the desired level of individual attention. However, the development of milking data systems capable of automatic milk yield measurement, data recording/analysis and feed control has created a situation where this objective of individual cow feeding is now feasible with modern herds.

Keywords: an automated milking data system for dairy farms. i. hardware
Citation: MacKinnon, J. C., Vissers, J. A. and R. D. Peters 1984. AN AUTOMATED MILKING DATA SYSTEM FOR DAIRY FARMS. I. HARDWARE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 26(2):127-134.
Volume: 26
Issue: 2
Pages 127 - 134
Date: 1984
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Coverage: Canada
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