Authors: Ford, R. J.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 26 (1984)

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Description: With the advent of mixed cropping practices and the gradual breaking up of the monoculture conditions which have prevailed in the west, the drifting of fine spray droplets is beginning to have more serious consequences. Many possible solutions have been promulgated, ranging from spray additives to an assortment of different types of spray nozzles, including CDA applicators. This paper compares three devices which can be applied to existing equipment for the reduction of spray drift in applications where drift cannot be tolerated because of proximity to sensitive crops. The problem of spray drift is not a new one, even though the effects of it were not of concern for many years. Over a period of many years, attempts to reduce drift and confine materials to the treatment area have been made. Some attempts have been mainly operational, to reduce drift without altering the equipment or the spray material in any way. Other approaches have involved the selection of nozzles which will not produce droplets in the drift-prone size ranges, or the modification of the spray solution to discourage the formation of small drops. Operational approaches amount to using common sense and imply not spraying when winds are excessive not treating areas immediately upwind of sensitive crops and not using excessive pressures. The principal difficulty with these recommendations lies in the fact that in many areas such as the prairies, too few hours with calm winds are available for the timely application of chemicals. As a result, farmers too often spray in winds up to 30 km/h.

Keywords: comparative evaluation of three experimental drift control devices
Citation: Ford, R. J. 1984. COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF THREE EXPERIMENTAL DRIFT CONTROL DEVICES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 26(2):97-100.
Volume: 26
Issue: 2
Pages 97 - 100
Date: 1984
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Coverage: Canada
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