Authors: Norris, E. R., Jutras, P. J., Scott, D. W. And R. S. Broughton
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 26 (1984)

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Description: Subsurface drainage is an important land improvement practice. Because most drainage contractors are paid on a length installed basis, it is important for them to minimize delays in the field. An investigation carried out on wheel-type trenching machines by Fisk et al. (1972) obtained an account of all time losses associated with the operation of that type of machine. With the increasing use of the trench less drain-laying plow, corrugated plastic tubing, the radio grade control system and the laser grade control system, a need for information concerning these innovations was apparent in 1971. The field work was carried out in 1971 and results were presented to contractors. The results are presented for publication now as they have current and historical value.

Keywords: a comparison of drainlaying times and delays in the operation of three subsurface drain installation systems
Citation: Norris, E. R., Jutras, P. J., Scott, D. W. and R. S. Broughton 1984. A COMPARISON OF DRAINLAYING TIMES AND DELAYS IN THE OPERATION OF THREE SUBSURFACE DRAIN INSTALLATION SYSTEMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 26(2):87-90.
Volume: 26
Issue: 2
Pages 87 - 90
Date: 1984
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Coverage: Canada
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