Authors: Leonard, J. J., Feddes, J. J. R. And J. B. Mcquitty
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 26 (1984)

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Description: The major energy inputs in commercial-scale broiler production are those associated with heating and ventilation. In order to determine heating and ventilation requirements for confined broiler facilities, reliable data are required on heat and moisture production of the birds under commercial conditions. Ventilation is a critical factor in raising broilers. In colder weather, its primary function is to remove moisture. However, excessive ventilation results in excessive supplemental heat usage while inadequate ventilation results in poor litter conditions and stale ambient air, and can lead to reduced chick performance (Reece and Lott 1982). To determine the optimum ventilation rate for moisture removal under fallwinter-spring conditions, an accurate assessment of the total amount of moisture produced by the chicks and by evaporation from the litter and waterers is necessary. During warmer weather, the removal of heat is the primary function of ventilation and an accurate assessment of heat production is required. Heat production rates increase as the age of the bird increases. Reece and Lott (1982) found that the latent heat removed by ventilation is high relative to the sensible heat removed during the first week of brooding, whereas, by the fourth week, the quantities of latent and sensible heat removed are similar. This would suggest that, to optimize the ventilation rate for a broiler-house during the entire production cycle, the heat and moisture production rates within the unit must be known throughout the cycle, i.e., from day 1 until the birds are marketed.

Keywords: broiler heat and moisture production under commercial conditions
Citation: Leonard, J. J., Feddes, J. J. R. and J. B. McQuitty 1984. BROILER HEAT AND MOISTURE PRODUCTION UNDER COMMERCIAL CONDITIONS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 26(1):57-64.
Volume: 26
Issue: 1
Pages 57 - 64
Date: 1984
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Coverage: Canada
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