Authors: Theakston, F.H.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 3 (1961)

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Description: In nearly all agricultural areas of the Northern Hemisphere snow and wind action in and around farm structures becomes a major problem. Wind and snow loads have always been considered in the design loads applied to buildings and in this respect have been well taken care of until the last few years. Researchers of many countries have studied pressure build up caused by wind and much data is available to assist in shaping and sizing roof lines but even here inadequacies are obviously present. Roof collapse of barns, arenas and other structures have created a questioning attitude which will certainly provide sounder, safer structures in the future. This aspect of design will find a practical and reasonable level through observation and test data and it is assured that engineers will re solve the problems of loading in due course. A more serious and more difficult problem is the accumulation of snow in sections of the farmstead which affects management and in some cases renders the applications of the buildings impossible.

Keywords: snow accumulation around open-front buildings
Citation: Theakston, F.H. 1961. SNOW ACCUMULATION AROUND OPEN-FRONT BUILDINGS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 3(1):19-32.
Volume: 3
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Date: 1961
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Coverage: Canada
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