Authors: Feddes, J.J.R., Mcquitty, J.B. And P.C. Clark
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 27 (1985)

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Description: For almost a quarter of a century, the results of studies by Ota and McNally (1961)on heat and moisture production for laying hens have served as a bench-mark for the design of environmental control systems of egg production facilities. Their data are cited, for example, in the Canadian Farm Building Code (1977) and the ASAE Yearbook of Standards (1983) and thus are used extensively as design criteria. Other researchers have reported heat and moisture data of hens under various conditions. DeShazer et al. (1970), for instance, investigated the effect of high temperature acclimation on heat loss partitioning by the hen, while Olsen et al. (1974) measured heat losses of layers at different bird densities per cage. Heat loss data of layers maintained under various intermittent lighting schedules have been reported by Riskowski et al. (1977).

Keywords: laying hen heat and moisture production under commercial conditions
Citation: Feddes, J.J.R., McQuitty, J.B. and P.C. Clark 1985. LAYING HEN HEAT AND MOISTURE PRODUCTION UNDER COMMERCIAL CONDITIONS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 27(1):21-30.
Volume: 27
Issue: 1
Pages 21 - 30
Date: 1985
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Coverage: Canada
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