Authors: Quille, T. J., Mcquitty, J. B. And P. C. Clark
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 28 (1986)

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Description: Six commercial free-stall dairy barns, three with scraped and three with slatted passageways, were monitored over a continuous 48-h period to determine the influence of these two manure-handling systems on heat and moisture loads within such units. Mean measured total heat loads compared favorably with existing design data. The barns with solid passageways produced more latent heat than the barns with slatted passageways, the mean measured latent heat loads being 1758 and 1600 kJ/(h x cow (500 kg)), respectively. Design latent heat data, at corresponding temperatures, was exceeded in all cases. Animal sensible heat converted to latent heat within the barns with solid and slatted passageways was estimated to be 28.7 and 25.0%, respectively. The ratio of latent to total heat in the exhaust air ranged from 0.34 to 0.47, the average for the six barns being almost 0.40. Ambient temperature appeared to affect heat loads more than did the floor type.

Keywords: influence of manure-handling systems on heat and moisture loads in free-stall dairy housing
Citation: Quille, T. J., McQuitty, J. B. and P. C. Clark 1986. INFLUENCE OF MANURE-HANDLING SYSTEMS ON HEAT AND MOISTURE LOADS IN FREE-STALL DAIRY HOUSING. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 28(2):175-181.
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Pages 175 - 181
Date: 1986
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Coverage: Canada
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