Authors: Misener, G.C.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 28 (1986)

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Description: The relationship between pressure drop and the rate of the airflow through agricultural products is important in the design of drying or cooling systems. Airflow resistance of agricultural products has been found to be affected by moisture content, presence of foreign material, and the degree of packing in the bed. Woodruff et al. (1983) suggest that soil which may adhere to the surfaces of potatoes during storage can account for 3% of the tuber weight. This soil tends to loosen from the tuber surfaces and partially fill the voids between the tubers which increases the resistance to airflow through the voids. Field conditions are the major factors affecting the efficiency for soil-tuber separation on potato harvesters (Thornton et al. 1973). In Eastern Canada, harvesting is often done under unfavorable weather conditions. Often under these conditions, soil is transported to storage with the potatoes. Vibration of the main conveyor chain on the harvester is used to improve soil-tuber separation. However, the method used to produce such vibration causes a significant amount of damage to the tubers (Chaudhry et al. 1978).

Keywords: airflow resistance due to soil on bulk potatoes
Citation: Misener, G.C. 1986. AIRFLOW RESISTANCE DUE TO SOIL ON BULK POTATOES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 28(1):43-44.
Volume: 28
Issue: 1
Pages 43 - 44
Date: 1986
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Coverage: Canada
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