Authors: Bulley, N. R. And K. W. Lee
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 29 (1987)

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Description: A comparison was made of the nitrogen and moisture contents of manure collected from three deep-pit poultry barns. One barn had dropping boards with a well-ventilated manure pit. The second unit had air-circulating fans at manure level and the third had minimal air circulation at manure level. The moisture level, total Kjeldahl nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen levels are reported for different locations in the manure. A nitrogen mass balance was carried out for each of the three barns. Nitrogen losses from the pits were calculated by dividing the total nitrogen found in the pit by the potential excreted nitrogen (feed Nminus egg N). The three units had nitrogen losses of75% (dropping boards, pit ventilation), 59% (air circulating fans at manure level, ventilation fans at bird level) and 48% (ventilation fans at pit level).

Keywords: effects of management on the nitrogen content of poultry manure
Citation: Bulley, N. R. and K. W. Lee 1987. EFFECTS OF MANAGEMENT ON THE NITROGEN CONTENT OF POULTRY MANURE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 29(1):81-84.
Volume: 29
Issue: 1
Pages 81 - 84
Date: 1987
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Coverage: Canada
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