Authors: Gariepy, Y., Raghavan, G. S. V. And R. Theriault
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 29 (1987)

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Description: The effects of thermocouple location, product mass and gas composition on the cooling characteristics of cabbage were assessed and compared. The results were expressed in terms of cooling rate (CR) derived from Newton's Law of Cooling, and in terms of cooling coefficient (CC) defined as product degree cooled per hour per degree temperature difference between the product and the cooling medium." The best thermocouple location for optimum approximation of CR was at the mass-average temperature location. Both CR and CC were found to be related exponentially to the product mass. The averaged CC value obtained for cabbage cooled under controlled atmosphere of 3% C02, 5% 02 and 92% N2 was 1.5% greater than under normal air (0.03% C02, 21% 02 and 79%N2). The magnitude of the CC values was affected by the characteristics of the cooling medium, the response of the product metabolism to the cooling medium, the variations in setup performance and the time interval over which CC was computed."""

Keywords: cooling characteristics of cabbage
Citation: Gariepy, Y., Raghavan, G. S. V. and R. Theriault 1987. COOLING CHARACTERISTICS OF CABBAGE. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 29(1):45-50.
Volume: 29
Issue: 1
Pages 45 - 50
Date: 1987
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Coverage: Canada
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