Authors: Razl, I., Bellman, H.E. And J.E. Turnbull
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 30 (1988)

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Description: Organic resin coatings such as epoxy, polystyrene and polyurethane have been used to protect concrete farm silos against chemical attack by silage juices, chiefly lactic and acetic acids. How ever, these resin coatings are costly, sometimes hard to apply, have low water vapor permeability and may not stick to wet concrete when applied. This paper describes tests to evaluate some of these organic resin coatings. The paper further describes the development and test results of an improved, chemically resistant, Portland cement-based mortar with an organic polymer and highly active pozzolanic admixtures. The addition of fibers improves the tensile strength and toughness of the mortar, permitting thin applications to seal new silo walls and to repair those previously damaged. Preliminary laboratory and field observations imply that the fiber reinforced mortar allows the release of water vapor entrapped in a wet concrete substrate. The mortar provides an improved bond to silo walls, ease of application and superior resistance to acid etching at reasonable cost.

Keywords: evaluation of sealers and mortars for protection of concrete silos
Citation: Razl, I., Bellman, H.E. and J.E. Turnbull 1988. EVALUATION OF SEALERS AND MORTARS FOR PROTECTION OF CONCRETE SILOS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 30(1):179-184.
Volume: 30
Issue: 1
Pages 179 - 184
Date: 1988
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Coverage: Canada
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