Authors: Windt, T. A. And L. M. Staley
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 4 (1962)

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Description: The production of potatoes has been hampered for many years by infestations of insects and the spread of diseases. Insects and diseases have cost growers millions of dollars each year throughout Canada and the United States. Though the problem has been paritally alleviated in recent years with the introduction of new insecticides and fungicides, effective control is only possible when these chemicals are properly applied. During recent years there has been work carried out by various Universities and Departments of Agriculture both in the United States and in Canada, to develop a potato sprayer that will apply spray evenly to all parts of the plant foliage, without causing excessive mechanical or chemical damage. Though it is realized that there are unsolved problems, this paper out lines some of the results of the re search work carried out on potato sprayers by the B.C. Department of Agriculture and the University of British Columbia. the underside and two overhead nozzles spray the plant from above. Design and construction information on these booms has been published. (3 and 4)

Keywords: recent developments in potato sprayer research
Citation: Windt, T. A. and L. M. Staley 1962. RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN POTATO SPRAYER RESEARCH. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 4(1):36-38.
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Pages 36 - 38
Date: 1962
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Coverage: Canada
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