Authors: Kukelko, D., Jayas, D.S., White, N.D.G. And M.G. Britton
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 30 (1988)

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Description: Physical properties of canola meal and canola meal pellets are needed for the design of storage and handling systems. Experimental equipment developed in the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Manitoba was used to determine the physical properties. Maximum bulk density for canola meal was 581 kg/m3 at 12.7% moisture content, wet mass basis. Particle density for meal remained nearly constant with a mean of 1326 kg/m3. Particle and bulk densities for canola pellets were slightly higher. Friction coefficients on structural materials ranged between 0.25 for galvanized steel for 5.2% moisture content meal and 0.68 for wood-floated concrete for 17.7% moisture content meal. Friction coefficients were lower for pellets at 10.5% moisture content, 0.23 for galvanized steel com pared to 0.30 for meal at 9.8% moisture content. The friction coefficients of canola meal on all surfaces remained nearly constant when moisture content was raised from 5.2 to 12.7% and increased sharply when moisture was further increased to 17.7%. Particle size segregation of meal caused a steeper, upper emptying repose angle of fine particles and a flatter, lower emptying repose angle for large particles. The upper angle varied with moisture with a maximum of 70.3 degrees at 17.9%. The filling angle of repose for meal remained nearly constant with a maximum of 35.5 degrees at 9.8% moisture content. The single sloped emptying angle and the filling angle for pellets at 31.5 degrees and 26.7 degrees, respectively, were lower than those of meal. The implications of these physical properties on design of bulk storage for canola meal are discussed.

Keywords: physical properties of canola (rapeseed) meal
Citation: Kukelko, D., Jayas, D.S., White, N.D.G. and M.G. Britton 1988. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF CANOLA (RAPESEED) MEAL. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 30(1):61-64.
Volume: 30
Issue: 1
Pages 61 - 64
Date: 1988
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Coverage: Canada
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