Authors: Savoie, P.
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 30 (1988)

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Description: Haymaking losses due to weathering and mechanical treatments have been estimated to vary between 18 and 30%. Tedding generally improves the drying environment by fluffing and spreading the wind row it may reduce drying time and weathering losses while increasing mechanical losses. Field mechanical losses were measured after mowing-conditioning and tedding in timothy and in alfalfa harvested at three maturity stages. A small-scale laboratory tedder was used to estimate losses over the full moisture range. The leaf-to-stem ratio in the original crop and in tedding losses was measured to estimate changes in the chemical composition after tedding. Mowing-conditioning losses were in the order of 1% in timothy and 2% in alfalfa. Field tedding losses were less than 0.5% for timothy and ranged between 1 and 4% for alfalfa. Field losses increased slightly with maturity. Extrapolation of laboratory data indicated that field losses due to tedding timothy at a moisture content above 40% would be less than 2% of total yield alfalfa tedding losses would be at least4,6 and8%at moisture contents of 60, 50 and 40%, respectively. On average, tedding losses were composed of 73% leaves and 27% stems the leaf loss to total loss ratio depended on moisture, maturity and crop. Crude protein of leaves was practically twice as high as crude protein of stems. A single ted ding treatment in relatively dry (40% moisture content) early bloom alfalfa was estimated to decrease the crude protein concentration from 21.2 to 20.2% in addition to 8% dry matter losses. Tedding is likely to be more useful in relatively high moisture windrows and in timothy rather than alfalfa.

Keywords: hay tedding losses
Citation: Savoie, P. 1988. HAY TEDDING LOSSES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 30(1):39-42.
Volume: 30
Issue: 1
Pages 39 - 42
Date: 1988
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