Authors: Hayhoe, H.N. And R. Dejong
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 30 (1988)

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Description: A diffusion-based soil water model and the SPAW model were tested on soybeans grown on a Caledon sandy loam soil near Simcoe, Ontario. Two different root water uptake functions in the diffusion-based model were compared with the SPAW model. Water retention curves were measured. Hydraulic conductivity and root growth characteristics were based on soil texture and observed soybean growth characteristics. The models were driven by daily evapotranspiration and precipitation data. Predicted final water contents in the root zone were all within 0.5 cm of the observed value of 5.8 cm. Changes in model estimates, as a function of soil type, were examined by using identical weather and crop input parameters but assuming a sand and a clay soil. The model cumulative evaporation values were within 2.2 cm of each other, with means of 25.6 and 37.0 cm, respectively, for the sand and the clay.

Keywords: comparison of two soil water models for soybeans
Citation: Hayhoe, H.N. and R. DeJong 1988. COMPARISON OF TWO SOIL WATER MODELS FOR SOYBEANS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 30(1):5-12.
Volume: 30
Issue: 1
Pages 5 - 12
Date: 1988
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Coverage: Canada
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