Authors: S. Barbut and G.S. Mittal
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 31 (1989)

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Description: The gelation and rheological proper ties of turkey meat batters prepared with two fat levels (16 and 23%) and three salt levels (2.5% NaCl, 1.75% NaCl, 1.75% NaCl + 0.4% hexametaphosphate (HMP)) were studied. The relationship between shear rate and shear stress for the different raw meat batters was found to be nonlinear and followed the Bingham pseudoplastic behavior. The yield stress for the high-fat batter containing 2.5% NaCl was signifi cantly lower than all the other treatments. The highest rigidity modulus (G) values obtained during cooking were observed in the low-fat batter with 1.75% NaCl followed by the 2.5% NaCl batters with high- and low-fat content and the high-fat batter with 1.75% NaCl. The batters containing HMP showed the lowest G values, regardless of fat con tent, exhibiting the strong effect of HMP on rigidity development.

Citation: S. Barbut and G.S. Mittal 1989. EFFECTS OF SALT AND FAT REDUCTION ON THE RHEOLOGICAL AND GELATION PROPERTIES OF TURKEY MEAT BATTERS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 31(2):271-277.
Volume: 31
Issue: 2
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Date: 1989
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