Authors: M.A. Iwaniw, T. Harrold, and J.R. Ogilvie
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 31 (1989)

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Description: A water flume visualiza tion study was conducted on a 1/10 scale model of a modified open front (MOF) swine finishing barn in order to determine the effects of inlet/outlet geometry on the interior flow patterns. The experimental configuration simulated isothermal conditions with the oncoming flow normal to the front of the building, at two values of Reynolds number (based on the size of the barn door opening), Re = 25 000 and 43 000. A hydrogenbubble techniquewas used, and the qualitative results were recordedon videotape. Three distinct flow patterns were observed out of a total of 24 configurations tested: (1) a totally recirculating flow, which occurred when the rear outlet door was completely closed, (2) a partially-blocked flow, whichoccurredwhenthe rotating maindoor was parallel to theoncoming flow, and(3)a flow consisting of a primary stream through themodel which induced a secondary, circulating region whose size depended on the door opening angle. The fact that these patterns can be classified implies that the flow distribution within a MOFstructure maybe predicted if the inlet/outlet geometry is known, and these predictions can be used in the design of effective natural ventilation systems.

Citation: M.A. Iwaniw, T. Harrold, and J.R. Ogilvie 1989. A VISUALIZATION STUDY OF FLOW PATTERNS IN A MODEL OF A MODIFIED-OPEN-FRONT (MOF) SWINE BARN. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 31(1):65-71.
Volume: 31
Issue: 1
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Date: 1989
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