Authors: G.C. Misener, CD.MacLeod, C.A. Esau and W.A. Gerber
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 32 (1990)

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Description: An experimental hay dryer was developed toconduct drying experiments on large round bales. The dryer can accommodate nine bales and can beused tostudy differences in thedrying rates of thebales caused by variations in the properties of the drying air and characteristics of the bales. The facility is instrumented to continuously measure the psychrometric properties of the drying air and the bale weight. Experiments were conducted to determine theeffectof twobaletypes andthreeairflow inlet configurations to the baleson the dryingrate of thebales. Softcorebalesdriedmoreevenlythanuniformdensitybales wherea highermoisturecontent was retained in the top outer portion. The airflowinlet configurationdid not influence the drying rate of the soft core bales but did affect the drying rate of the uniform density bales.

Citation: G.C. Misener, CD.MacLeod, C.A. Esau and W.A. Gerber 1990. DRYING OF LARGE ROUND BALES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 32(2):263-268.
Volume: 32
Issue: 2
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Date: 1990
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