Authors: S. Cenkowski, M.J. Miketinac, and A.W. Kelm
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 32 (1990)

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Description: The mathematical simulation of isobars and airflow patterns for a mixedflow dryer is presented. The pressure pattern of airflow is obtained by numerically solving the partial differential equation modelling the flow. The finite element method as implemented in an IMSL package is used to obtain the numerical solution. The results of isobars calcu lation are compared with a full-scale model of a section of a conven tional mixed-flow dryer ofthe type manufactured by Law-Denis. The simulation pattern has a satisfactory agreement with the experimental data in the area where duct walls are parallel to each other. The differ ence between experimental and computation results was about 3% in this area. In the area under the inlet duct the experimental results are slightly lower. It is hypothesized that the orientation of kernels with respect to airflow has a significant influence on pressure drop in a bed of grain.

Citation: S. Cenkowski, M.J. Miketinac, and A.W. Kelm 1990. AIRFLOW PATTERNS IN A MIXED-FLOW DRYER. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 32(1):85-90.
Volume: 32
Issue: 1
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Date: 1990
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