Authors: J.A. Gillies, R.J. Ford, and D.F. Walper
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 32 (1990)

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Description: Many pri vateirrigatorsare facedwiththe problemof constructingnon-permanent intakes for their irrigation system. Non-permanent intakes on major water courses are required by regulatory agencies to reduce the envi ronmental impact on the river environment of irrigation intakes and pump sites. Intakes must not present a hazard to those who use the water course for recreational purposes. Fluctuating water levels and shifting flow patterns also require the irrigator to have the capability to relocate the intake during the irrigation season. In addition, the intake system must be stable and must accommodate the side thrust on the suctionline causedby flowing water. A floating intake system has been developed. The system provides the irrigator the flexibility required to adjustthe positionof the intake (screen box and foot valve), does not obstruct flow and does not severely impact on the river environment.

Citation: J.A. Gillies, R.J. Ford, and D.F. Walper 1990. A FLOATING INTAKE FOR IRRIGATION SYSTEMS BEING SUPPLIED WITH WATER FROM FAST-FLOWING AND FLUCTUATING STREAMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 32(1):147-149.
Volume: 32
Issue: 1
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Date: 1990
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