Authors: A.Bjork
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 33 (1991)

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Description: Laboratory studiesof grain separation characteristics for a rotary combine were performed. Pointgrain separation (grain sepa ration through small areas with assigned coordinates), total grain separation (combine capacity), and separation losses were measured for differentMOG feed rates and rotor speeds. A three-dimensional arithmetic model to calculate grain separation through the concaves and separating grate of a rotary combine was developed. The model used point grain separation measured at 16locations in a grid pattern underneath theconcaves andseparating grate. Curvefitting techniques were used to fit equations to thepointseparation data. Theequations were then appropriately integrated to calculate grain separation and separation losses. The model was run on a personal computer. The computed separation and loss values were compared to the measured values.

Citation: A.Bjork 1991. A three-dimensional arithmetic model to calculate grain separation and losses for a rotary combine. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 33(2):245-253.
Volume: 33
Issue: 2
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Date: 1991
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