Authors: P. O'Kiely and A.V. Flynn
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 33 (1991)

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Description: Four experiments were carried out to assess the feeding value of unwilted grass silage made using the pick-up wagon. In Experiments 1 and 2, silages made using either a pick-up wagon or a double-chop harvester were offered ad libitum to Friesian bulls for 423 and 401 days, respectively. Pick-up wagon silages had higher (P<0.05) pH values (4.39 vs 4.20) than silages made using the double-chop system, whereas silage NH3-N valuesand animal performancewere similar. In Experiment 3, silages were made with the pick-up wagon set to give a theoretical choplength of 50 or 100 mm and subsequently offered ad libitum to Hereford heifers. Silage composition and animal performance were not affectedby the chop-length treatments.In Experiment4, grasswas cut with a rotary mower and harvested with either a pick-up wagon or a double-chop harvester. Grass was either untreated or treated with formic acid(850g/kg) appliedat 2.3 L/t during harvesting. Eachsilage was subsequently offered ad libitum to Friesian steers. Whereas no effect of harvester was detected, silages made without additive had lower dry matter(P<0.05), in vitro dry matterdigestibility (P<0.001) and intake (P<0.05) values and higher (P<0.001) pH and NH3-N values than formic acid treated silages. There was no interaction between harvesting machineand additive use. It is concluded that the pick-up wagon systemcan be used as successfully as more conven tional systems to makegoodquality unwilted grasssilage.

Citation: P. O'Kiely and A.V. Flynn 1991. COMPARISON OF UNWILTED GRASS SILAGES MADE USING THE PICK-UP WAGON AND THE DOUBLE-CHOP HARVESTER SYSTEMS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 33(1):119-125.
Volume: 33
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Date: 1991
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